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Cough in cats, its causes, symptoms, and treatment methods

Cough in cats, its causes, symptoms, and treatment methods

Cough in cats, its causes, symptoms, and treatment methods

Cough or cat cough is one of the common cat diseases that is a solid and violent expulsion of air from the cat’s respiratory system through the oral cavity. The veterinarian and not wait for the condition not to worsen and the cough in cats can be: regular, occasional, periodic, seasonal, chronic, or daily. It may occur after eating, after taking medications, or after stress.

  • Causes of coughing in cats
  • Symptoms of cough in cats
  • Methods for treating cough in cats

1- Causes of coughing in cats

Injuries and mechanical causes: When the cat swallows large amounts of hair, which causes it to clump in the stomach and results in vomiting of the cat through the rise of the hair to the upper parts of the digestive system, causing irritation of the trachea and thus coughing, as well as when the cat swallows foreign objects such as needles or fish bones, that is. It irritates the trachea, and the cat tries to expel the foreign object by coughing.

Allergies: One of the causes of coughing in cats, includes inhalation of dust, dust mites, household products, cigarette smoke, or pollen. The allergy causes an intense cough that is usually accompanied by sneezing.

Inflammation of the respiratory system: damage to the respiratory system causes coughing in cats and other symptoms such as sneezing: pharyngitis, laryngitis, and bronchitis.

Fungal infections: This infection appears through aspergillosis, a fungal disease. The infection occurs in the nasal cavity and sinuses and leads to coughing, along with other respiratory symptoms.

2- Symptoms of cough in cats

  • A wet cough with or without mucus.
  • dry cough.
  • Vomiting.
  • fever
  • Runny nose
  • Runny eyes.
  • breathing difficulties.

3- Methods for treating cough in cats

If the cough continues for more than two days, it is necessary to take the affected cat to the veterinarian, and the cough is treated by the following:

  • Cough suppressants to reduce or stop coughing.
  • Antibiotics to treat infections or bacterial infections.
  • Anti-parasites in case of parasitic infection.
  • Anti-inflammatory, asthma, or allergic bronchitis medications.
  • Corticosteroids.
  • Steroids to treat allergies.

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