The most beautiful cats in the world – Very sweet and adorabl

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The most beautiful cats in the world

British Shorthair Cat

British Shorthair Cat is very gentle and devoted to its owners

The British Shorthair is a pure old British house cat breed with a distinctively heavy physique, strong coat, and broad face. The most famous color variant is “British Blue”. The cat has a solid blue-gray coat, coppery eyes, and a medium-sized tail. This breed has also been produced in many color varieties and patterns including tabby and colored dots.

British Shorthair is one of the first cat breeds to originate from “European” domestic cats which were brought to Britain by the occupying Romans in the 1st century AD. Now the breed has grown into a very famous pedigree breed in its home country.

British Shorthair Personality

British Shorthair is a comparatively firm and fat cat with a broad chest, healthy, thick paws with rounded, medium-sized claws, and a blunt-tipped tail. The cat has a reasonably large, rounded head, a small muzzle, and broad cheeks. The eyes are large and rounded with deep coppery orange color in the “British Blue” breed and can vary in color depending on the coat color. The ears are large and broadly set.

 The “British Blue” variant can sometimes be mixed with the “Gray-Scottish Fold”. However, the short-haired breed can be identified by seeing their pointed triangular ears; while the “Gray-Scottish Fold” has softer, folded ears.

British Shorthair Colors and Coat

The coat of the “British Shorthair” cat is very dense. He has no undercoat. Hence, the texture is fluffy instead of woolly or fluffy. Although “British Blue” remains the most well-known color variety, British Shorthairs were also bred in a variety of other colors and designs. The colors most accepted by all official standards include black, blue, white, red, cream, silver, and gold.

More recently, the color patterns: “cinnamon” and “fawn” (solid or colored point, tabby, ombré, and bicolor) have also been accepted. The GCCF, FIFe, and TICA also recognize the color of chocolate in the CFA standard, but they refused its diluted lilac color.

Tabby designs include: “classic tabby”, “mackerel tabby”, and “spotted and tick tabby”, while non-tabby designs contain: “tortoiseshell”, “two-tone”, “two-tone and white van patterns”, “ smoke ”and“ point and point of color ”.

British Shorthair temperament

The British Shorthair cat has a good appearance and a relatively calm temperament. They are a tolerant and distinguished breed rather than active and playful. The breed is very gentle and devoted to its owners who make the cat a favorite household animal. Due to their calm nature, British Shorthairs tend to be safe around children as well as other pets and do not like to be picked up or carried. The breed needs a little grooming and is fond of being kept indoors.

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