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What methods can be used to clean cats?

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What methods can be used to clean cats?

Having a kitten in the house gives indescribable joy; A cute little creature running around the house, constantly courting you and giving you great happiness, but is cleaning kittens that difficult? What areas should be checked frequently? Do you need to take a shower and what are its conditions and risks? What other methods can be used to clean cats? Well, here’s all about grooming kittens and how to do it.

How can a kitten be examined? 

Adult cats constantly clean themselves by licking their entire body. At the same time, immature kittens cannot reach the entire areas of their body, such as the head and lower back, as their mother usually helps them clean these areas. So, your job is to help her keep her body clean so she can grow up and be able to take care of herself. A quick examination of the cat’s body should be carried out permanently in addition to a comprehensive examination at least once a month so that the following parts are examined: 

The presence of any bleeding, wounds, infections, or abnormal secretions, and the absence of ear mite parasites, can be inferred through the red-brown secretions that they leave behind and their unpleasant smell, which is a condition that requires immediate consultation with a doctor. 


The eyes should be completely clear with no redness, strange discharge, or swelling. 

Nose: Gently touch your cat’s nose to check for swelling, lumps, cuts, or other problems. 

Mouth, teeth, and gums: In their normal state, the teeth are completely white, clean, and free of any voids, and the gums are pink in color without any swelling or redness… 

Body, skin, and hair: Look for any wounds, parasites, swellings, or abnormal bumps. Examining your cat’s body can tell a lot about its health. 

Claws: Check the claws periodically. If they are too long, they may need to be trimmed. This is a step you can do yourself or with a professional.

Cleaning small cats using a brush 

Cats can clean themselves with their rough tongue that looks like a small brush, but you can help them by using a hair brush that not only makes the cat prettier, but also removes excess and dead hair, maintains the cleanliness of its body, and increases communication with the cat, as most cats You love that kind of gentle attention. 

The time that you need to brush kittens depends on the type and length of their hair. 
Short-haired cats do not need more than once a week. As for cats with thick and long hair, they need daily attention and a brush dedicated to them. The way to do this is as follows: 

  • Place the cat on your lap or side, then hold the brush and sniff it to make sure it is a safe tool. 

  • Begin by gently brushing the cat, starting from the back and then the sides. 
  • Talk to the cat in a soft tone and massage her body with your hands every few minutes. You can also give her a snack as an added reward to get her used to the grooming routine. 
  • Repeat this process several times a day, gradually increasing the brushing time until the kitten is fully accustomed to brushing. 
  • Then you can start brushing the belly, ears, tail, and sensitive areas. Try to stay as gentle and calm as possible, especially in the early stages, and if you notice that your cat is starting to get upset, move away from sensitive areas and go back to cleaning her back.

Cleaning kittens by wiping with a damp cloth

Cleaning kittens by wiping with a damp cloth is one of the easy and simple ways to clean kittens, specifically in places that they cannot reach with their tongues, such as the head, lower back, and buttocks. You can do this by following these steps: 

  • Bring a soft cloth and wet it exclusively with lukewarm water you can add a little cat shampoo if the cat is dirty. 
  • Wipe the cat quietly, starting from its back downward, according to the direction of the fur, so as not to disturb or harm the cat. You can relieve the cat’s tension by holding it and talking to it in a quiet voice until the cat gets used to the cloth. 
  • If you feel your cat is starting to get scared while cleaning, stop immediately and hold and pet her gently until she trusts you again. Start by wiping the face and front legs, then move to the abdomen and lower back. 
  • Brush the bottom of the tail and the back well. Repeat the process every few days, especially if you notice that your cat is not grooming herself yet.

Cleaning kittens by bathing 

Most cats have an instinct and instinct for cleanliness, but kittens can be messy at the beginning of their lives, especially when eating or defecating, so in some cases, you may need a shower to keep them clean and healthy, but you have to be careful, as kittens do not 

She has enough fat to maintain her body heat, so the bath should be quick and warm, and it is preferable to see the vet before her bath. 

In any case, the following are the most important steps for cat bathing: 

  • Ask for the help of other people, because the bathing process may require more hands to keep the cat calm while using shampoo and towels simultaneously. 
  • The water temperature should be nicely warm, not hot, as the temperature is the main criterion in showering. 
  • Use a shampoo that is free of any fragrance additives, such as cat shampoo, baby shampoo, or any fragrance-free shampoo or soap, and most importantly, avoid getting the shampoo into your cat’s eyes and ears. 
  • Gently hold your cat by placing one hand on the skin at the bottom of its neck (the nape of the neck), with your other hand on the bottom of its back as you wash, and of course, be prepared for lots of loud meowing. 

After you finish washing, wrap her in a soft towel and dry her well to keep her body warm.

The dangers of bathing small cats 

Despite the importance of bathing sometimes for small cats, it may cause some problems, such as Low body temperature: 

As we mentioned previously, small cats cannot maintain their body temperature and can cool down a lot during bathing, which makes them She is unable to digest their food well, so she is unable to obtain enough nutrients needed to provide warmth, which leads to the death of the cat if it is not treated quickly, and in this case, it is preferable to contact the veterinarian as soon as possible. 


The skin of young cats is very sensitive to burns, and therefore if the water is hot, it will cause many problems for them. 


Bathing with soap or shampoo can cause the cat’s skin to dry out, and it may sometimes cause a rash to appear in small cats, especially if bathing is repeated.

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In conclusion, it can be said that cleaning kittens may seem difficult at first glance, but it is very fun and builds a strong relationship between you and your cat so that this cute little creature becomes an integral part of your daily routine.

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