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Why do birds migrate from their lair – migratory flyway

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Why do birds migrate from their lair?

Why do birds migrate from their home? And when do you migrate? Where birds move throughout the year from one place to another due to several different reasons and factors that affect their livelihood and diet, and this migration takes place at certain times of the year so we will learn all the details related to the conditions of this migration through the Animal Care Tr.

Why do birds migrate from their home?

Birds move annually from their original habitats to other places, with the advent of the migration season, as this is due to several reasons, including:

1- Occurrence of climatic changes

Climate changes play a major role in bird migration through the following:

  • Many birds cannot adapt to climate changes, so they resort to migration.
  • Some birds cannot withstand extreme cold when temperatures drop, so they migrate to warmer areas.
  • Some birds migrate in search of moderate temperatures when temperatures rise in the tropics.

2- Find the food source

Food is one of the most important factors that birds search for and migrate for, through the following:

  • Most birds migrate in the spring in search of food.
  • When the birds stay in the same place for a continuous year, the food sources decrease, which prompts them to migrate.
  • The lack of food in birds affects their reproduction process.
  • Many species of birds resort to migration when they feel hungry in their habitat.

3- Escape from predators

This is evidenced by the following:

  • Places rich in food attract a large number of predators, which pose a threat to bird nests.
  • Birds resort to migration to protect themselves and their young from the attacks of these predators.
  • Birds choose some areas that are difficult for predators to reach, such as offshore rocky islands.

4- Loss of home

Habitat loss is one aspect of the answer to the question of why birds migrate from their home, and the details of this are as follows:

  • Due to the development of human development, the environment suitable for the survival of birds is being destroyed.
  • The drying of swamps and damage to fields and forests causes birds to migrate in search of new habitats.

5- Escape from diseases

The disease is one of the most important causes of bird migration, and the following is known about it:

  • The presence of large numbers of birds in one place increases the spread of the disease.
  • Parasites that lead to the death of large numbers of birds in a short period also spread.

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Bird migration times of the year

After we know the answer to the question, of why birds migrate from their home, we will learn about the times of that migration through the following:

The migration of birds in the fall

We learn about autumn migration through the following:

  • Most birds begin migration between late summer and early fall.
  • It is difficult to determine a specific date for the migration of all birds in that season.
  • It is also difficult to determine the difference between the movement of birds in their vast habitats and their annual migration.

The migration of birds in the summer

Birds migrate in the summer, according to the following conditions:

  • It isn’t easy to put an exact date for the migration of birds in that season.
  • Some bird species can be delayed in migrating based on various factors.
  • Bird migration depends on the weather during the spring, as well as the availability of food.

Birds are keen to migrate every year from their habitats to find a new world that meets their needs for protection and food in a manner that is compatible with their living conditions and allows them to reproduce and complete the ecological cycle.

Frequently asked questions and answers

  • What are the best areas for birds to migrate to hide from animal attacks?

Steep slopes.

  • How do birds manage to migrate long distances?

Through the fat stored under the skin.

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