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How long are cats pregnant – signs

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How long are cats pregnant?

Some signs of cat pregnancy appear:

How long is the pregnancy of cats on the Animal Care Tr website? It is known that cats fall under the list of mammals, a species called feline, and they are among the pets that people love because of their gentle shape and familiarity with dealing with humans. By them with food, drink, and medicine.

The appropriate age and season for cat mating

The appropriate age for cat marriage varies according to gender. The appropriate period for female cat marriage is from the age of five to nine months. As for male cats, they mature sexually for marriage after ten months or more.

The appropriate season for cat mating is in October, February, and other times of the year, and this explains the phenomenon of the disappearance of male cats from the house in which there is no female cat for several days in certain months during the year and his return after that to the place in which he stays.

Signs of pregnancy in female cats and the duration of pregnancy

Some signs of cat pregnancy appear:

  • The cat’s breasts begin to protrude and turn pink in preparation for feeding her young.
  • Some cats vomit, especially if they are of the Shirazi type.
  • The cat becomes more affectionate and gentle than before.
  • Loss of her appetite at the beginning of pregnancy, then she turns and eats in large quantities than before
  • Sleep a lot or rest all day.
  • She visits different places until she finds a suitable place to put her young at birth. This stage of a cat’s life is called nesting.
  • Pregnancy in female cats lasts from two months to sixty-five per day, depending on their type and health, and they give birth to between three and eight kittens.

Find out when the cat is born

Where the cat’s approaching birth date is known through the following:

  • An increase in the prominence of the breast three times its average size and the secretion of some milk in the last third of her pregnancy.
  • The cat’s restlessness, tension, frequent meowing, and inability to sit in one place.
  • Low temperature.

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Advice to you, the breeder of domestic cats

  • You, the cat breeder, must provide food and the appropriate place for the pregnant cat and treat it more sparingly, such as allocating a wide carton or making a house of wood or a large box of plastic to allow air to enter.
  • So that the cat suffices with her children and is covered with a clean cloth or an old blanket to warm the place and prepare to receive her kittens.
  • At birth, she plays on the back of the cat and talks to her in a low and calm voice.
  • Until she follows her young and gives birth to them in a transparent bag that opens on its own, or the breeder, with the help of the mother cat, opens it carefully.
  • So as not to harm the kittens and leave them to their mother, the cat until she licks them and stimulates blood circulation.
  • Sometimes some people tend to raise cats or feed them without breeding or harm, and there is a great reward for that.

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