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The Lyrebird information – Characteristics – lyre bird voice

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The Lyrebird information

In this article, we will talk about the lyrebird through the Animal Care TR website. This bird of great beauty is one of the wonders, it resembles a peacock in a substantial proportion and is characterized by speed and intelligence. This bird is widespread in Australia, and in this article, we will learn about everything related to this bird.

Characteristics of the lyrebird

  • This type of bird is characterized by the fact that it is possible to distinguish between males and females easily, as we find that the male is longer than the female, as the length of the male is approximately 100 cm, while the female is 70 cm.
  • It has many golden colors, as its body is covered from above with brown color, while its wings are dark red and tend to be brown.
  • It has very short wings, so it flies short distances, and cannot fly long distances.
  • The lyrebird has very long and strong legs that help it run very quickly.
  • It has a very long tail up to 70 cm long.
  • This bird feeds on invertebrates such as worms, insects, beetles, cockroaches, spiders, and earthworms, and uses its feet to dig and search for food in the ground.
  • This bird was called the harp because its tail takes the shape of a harp.
  • This bird has a very long lifespan that may reach thirty years when conditions are suitable for its life.
  • The adult bird of lyrebirds prefers to live alone away from the rest of the discs of its species, but the young prefer to live in groups and socialize together.
  • This bird has a characteristic that distinguishes it from other birds, as it can imitate all sounds, whether human voices, machines, cars, radio waves, and other different sounds.

He is very adept at that, when you hear him you think that the sound is real and emanating from its source, this bird is also able to imitate the sounds of weapons, and sometimes it mixes the sounds of birds with any other sounds.

The difference between male and female

The voice of the male in this bird is indeed much stronger than the voice of the female, but the female can imitate a greater number of sounds elaborately.

There is also a big difference between the male and the female, which is that the male can memorize sounds quickly from the female. This period may reach a year, but the female needs much longer than that.

This bird is characterized by shyness and cowardice. When it senses any danger, it walks very quickly to avoid trouble.

Reproduction in the harp

The lyrebird prefers the winter season to complete the mating process, as it prefers the moist atmosphere, and after the maturity of both sexes, the male seduces the female by singing to her, and we notice an increase in singing in the winter season due to the occurrence of mating.

The female lays one egg after building the nest in the moss, and the female takes care of the children after they leave the eggs, and the parents continue to care for the young for nine months.

In Australia, this bird is a symbol of everything that has been placed on coins and also placed as a logo for everything such as gardens, as well as used as a logo for movies there as well.

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