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10 effective ways to get rid of cat hair at home

Getting rid of your cat’s hair scattered around the house will not be complicated after you follow these simple and inexpensive methods.

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Effective ways to get rid of cat hair at home

Many people like to own cats, and when they go to the pet store they often admire the furry cats, but owning a cat of this type is associated with a major problem, which is cat hair falling all over the house to get stuck on furniture, carpets, and clothes, and getting rid of cat hair becomes a nightmare for some. In order not to upset your mother by buying that cute, white, furry cat, we have chosen for you the most effective ways to get rid of cat hair at home.

How to get rid of cat hair at home?

The best thing to do from the start is to choose a cat that belongs to the light-haired type, as these cats avoid the dilemma of getting rid of cat hair scattered around the house, and keep your cat from forming hairballs in her digestive system. In general, there are several simple and inexpensive ways to get rid of cat hair.

Brush your cat’s fur regularly

Because prevention is better than cure, brush your cat’s fur regularly, as the cleaning process removes fur that will fall out before it scatters in your home. How is that?

The simplest thing to do is to brush your cat with water to get rid of the loose hair, but it is common for cats to hate water, and bathing them will be more of a problem than losing their hair in the house. Despite this, some cats enjoy bathing and playing with water. If your cat is of this type, then it is fine, but if it is the other way around, you can wet your hands with water and rub its fur to get rid of the droppings from it, or you can buy a special brush for cleaning cats.

Vacuum cleaner

The primary way to get rid of cat hair in the home is to vacuum carpets, upholstery, and floors. For vacuuming to be more effective, it is best to choose a vacuum designed specifically for homes with pets. Best of all, buy a robotic vacuum, it comes and cleans on its own without the hassle of regular vacuuming, and will always keep your house spotless.

Rubber gloves

Latex or rubber gloves are available in almost every home and are an effective tool for getting rid of loose cat fur. Put on gloves, wet them with water, then run your hands over furniture or clothing and hair will collect on the gloves. Wash the glove every time it gets full of hair and repeat until your furniture is clean again.

Window and glass area

At the end of the window space, there is a rubber that is effective in cleaning cat hair. Run the area across the carpet so the rubber can easily catch stray hairs. Remove hair as it collects in the area and complete the cleaning until all the hair is gone from your carpet.

Adhesive tape

Duct tape is also a practical way to get rid of cat hair. Simply put the tape on the face of the fabric sofa or clothes and peel it off to find it full of hair, even the short ones that cannot be easily removed. It is useful to spray the furniture with an anti-static spray before applying the tape, as this increases the effectiveness of this method.

Lint rollers

In a similar way to tape, use lint rollers to clean pet hair. They remove even the shortest hairs from clothing and furniture.

Furniture Spray Some methods, such as the tape method, are not practical when cleaning wood or tile, so you have to look for other methods. For example, spray furniture polish on wood surfaces and wipe them down with a soft cloth, or spray tiles with white vinegar and then wipe them.

The Laundry

Washing is definitely indispensable. Gather clothes or blankets filled with cat hair and put them in the washing machine. Add liquid softener or white vinegar to the laundry detergent to soften the hair and make it easier to dispose of. The laundry should be air-dried.

Change of furniture

If you want to make changes in your home furnishings, then you have a great opportunity to get rid of cat hair. how? This is by choosing leather or cotton sofas instead of velvet, as they prevent hair from sticking. Hard floors (such as foam) can also be laid instead of carpets.

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Customize a blanket for the cat

Some cats tend to spend most of their time in a specific place in the house, such as a carpet, bed, or specific sofa. If this is what your cat does, bring her a special rug or blanket and spread it on the place where your cat likes to sit and wash it frequently.

The task of getting rid of cat hair at home will not be a difficult issue after you have followed all or some of the previous methods. To know what is best for you, try it, and add what suits you best to your daily home cleaning system.

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